Meet the entrepreneur: Ross Pottenger, founder and CEO of mobile app taxigoat

Meet the entrepreneur: Ross Pottenger, founder and CEO of mobile app taxigoat

13th May 2021

taxigoat connects customers to local licensed taxi and private hire operators using a mobile app. Customers choose which operator they’d like to use and always pay the advertised price – there are no price surges during busy times. Think Uber meets JustEat.

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your business, taxigoat

My name is Ross Pottenger and I’m the founder and CEO of taxigoat, a mobile app-based company that connects customers to local licensed taxi firms. I like to think of us as a Just Eat style platform for taxi and private hire operators, but fusing that with an Uber-like user experience.

Uber really transformed the customer taxi booking experience, and there was a clear gap in the market because of it. Customers demand the ease and simplicity of buying things through mobile apps, and booking a taxi is no exception. But it can be expensive for smaller, local operators to offer that kind of service – especially those in rural areas – so taxigoat does it for them. By being able to advertise their services through our platform, local taxi providers can reach more customers, access more jobs, and be more competitive by offering that Uber-like customer experience.

How did you find out about High Potential Startups?

I attend various networking events and I believe it was a training course with Durham City Incubator where I first heard about the programme. But it was actually my accountant who had heard about High Potential Startups and thought it would be a really good fit for me. That conversation got the ball rolling.

How did High Potential Startups help you to develop your business idea?

The great thing about business support programmes like High Potential Startups is that you get to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who help you see things you’ve missed. You’re constantly doing market research on your concept and idea.

What I really enjoyed about High Potential Startups was the knowledge sharing and the various workshops. I was able to see gaps in my own knowledge, but also get the reassurance I was on the right path and doing the right thing. It also helped me expand my network by introducing me to people I wouldn’t have ever had the opportunity to meet.

Also, the grant support offered by the programme has allowed me to effectively double my marketing budget for when we launch taxigoat, which will really help to accelerate our growth.

What did you enjoy most about being on the High Potential Startups programme?

I’m always interested in new businesses ideas, knowledge sharing and seeing where people have spotted a gap in the market. I love interacting with those kinds of people because I can use that knowledge and foresight to help develop my own business ideas.

High Potential Startups was great in identifying opportunities where we could help one another, and learn more about each other’s ideas.

Why should other entrepreneurs in the North East apply to join High Potential Startups?

taxigoat is my first venture as an entrepreneur and when I started I had no idea of the networks that exist to support startups and the assistance that’s available.

High Potential Startups isn’t just about opening doors; it’s showing you the doors are there. The programme has introduced me to people and initiatives I didn’t know were available, for example, accessing investors and other business support providers. It’s really helped me develop the business.

What are your ambitions for taxigoat?

First and foremost we’re looking forward to launch the business, unfortunately the pandemic put a stop to that.

Ultimately I’d like to see taxigoat become a nationally & internationally recognised brand that operators and customers use because it enhances their experience.

The most important thing for me is helping the customer and local independent operators – it’s at the heart of what we do.

To learn more about taxigoat, visit and sign up to its mailing list to be the first to know about any news and offers. Or you can visit taxigoat on social media by clicking on the following links – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.